Bilateral flatfoot before Surgery and  Bilateral flatfoot after Surgery
Ankle Arthroscopy and Subtalar Arthroscopy
Ankle Arthritis in Rhuematoid patient and Ankle Replacement in Rhuematoid Arthritis
Diabetic foot before Surgery and Diabetic foot after Surgery
Claw toe deformity in Rhuematoid patient and Claw toe deformity in Rhuematoid patient after surgery
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Welcome to Delhi Foot & Ankle Clinic


Dr Amit Bhargava is an internationally trained Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon and Foot and Ankle Specialist working in Delhi. He has set up Delhi Foot & Ankle Clinic in March 2012 with an aim of providing quality one stop service to the patients suffering from Foot and Ankle problems.

Dr Bhargava worked in United kingdom for 15 years and has exclusive 3 years of specialised training in Foot & Ankle Surgery. This includes two fellowships; one at the biggest teaching Hospital of Scotland - Glasgow Royal Infirmary and other at the biggest teaching Hospital in Wales - Cardiff University Hospitals. Dr Bhargava has performed more than 1500 Foot and Ankle Operations.

Dr. Bhargava specialises in:

  • All joint replacement surgeries particularly total ankle replacement,total knee replacement & total hip replacements.
  • Arthroscopic treatment of knee, ankle and subtalar joint problems including Arthrscopic Ankle Fusions.
  • Sports injuries of Foot & Ankle including Ankle sprain, Plantar fascitis(Heel pain) and Achilles tendon problems.
  • Distal tibia and pilon fracture, ankle fracture, calcaneum or heel fracture,talus fracture and toe fracture.
  • Diabetic foot, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gout treatment related Problems.
  • Neglected and relapsed Club foot or CTEV.
  • Bunion, flat foot and other complex deformity correction of Foot & Ankle.
  • Treating all mismanaged cases of previous foot and ankle operations where foot pain is still persisting.

Foot Surgery

Foot surgery is a demanding branch of surgery with low margin of error. Note the difference in results of surgery in same patients two feet with identical problems. This patient was not satisfied with the surgery on the right foot done by some other surgeon and came to see Dr. Bhargava. Left side was operated by Dr Bhargava with pleasing outcome.

Bunion foot before surgery Bunion left foot after surgery

Bunion left foot before surgery

Bunion left foot after surgery

Ankle Surgery

This patient developed arthritis and pain in his ankle following fracture and injury to his leg. He was treated with an ankle replacement surgery.

Ankle Arthritis Ankle Arthritis after Ankle replacement

Ankle Arthritis

Ankle Arthritis after Ankle replacement

Ankle Arthroscopy

Ankle arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that uses a fiber-optic viewing camera and small surgical tools to operate in and around the ankle joint through small incisions. Ankle Arthroscopy is done as a day surgery. It means you go home the same day

Ankle Arthroscopy is a day case procedure

Ankle Arthroscopy is a day case procedure

Long term aim of this service is to create

Create awareness of Foot & Ankle treatment options among people and doctors.

To work closely with all progressive doctor colleagues and departments to provide evidence based economical Foot & Ankle service to people of India.

Foot & Ankle Surgery

Foot and Ankle surgery is a very sensitive and difficult branch of Orthopaedics with surgeries having narrow margin of error. If they are done well patient satisfaction reaches equivalent to Hip and Knee Replacement but if not done well results are much worse than Hip and Knee Replacement.

There are 28 bones and more than 30 joints in the foot. They are very closely related to each other and hence thorough knowledge of each and every joint is very important. This is only gained by prolong training in the centres of Foot & Ankle surgery excellence.Only people with thorough knowledge of foot injury and ankle injury can give best treatment of these problems.

We have a team of foot specialist, Physiotherapist, Orthotist , Podiatrist giving you complete satisfaction in all your foot and ankle problems.