Bilateral flatfoot before Surgery and  Bilateral flatfoot after Surgery
Ankle Arthroscopy and Subtalar Arthroscopy
Ankle Arthritis in Rhuematoid patient and Ankle Replacement in Rhuematoid Arthritis
Diabetic foot before Surgery and Diabetic foot after Surgery
Claw toe deformity in Rhuematoid patient and Claw toe deformity in Rhuematoid patient after surgery
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Ankle Pain / Ankle Arthroplasty Surgery

Ankle arthritis is wear and tear or degeneration of ankle joint. Normally in body the ends of the bones where they form joint are covered with a thick smooth layer of cartilage.In arthritis cartilage is destroyed leading to rough bone rubbing on bone.Dr Amit Bhargava is  a ankle arthritis in india, ankle arthritis treatment in india and ankle arthritis surgery in india.